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DVDs Everywhere!

Been a really busy couple of weeks here at ZAHQ! Last week included, 3 days at a local school and 1 day at my sons nursery filming. I was filming 4 performances at the school and all were really enjoyable. The kids were great and a lot of hard work put in by all the people behind the scenes. The result of filming these 4 performance was a total of 80 orders for the DVDs I was producing! This was fantastic and a real positive outcome for all! It has meant though, that for the last week my home office has been a DVD production line in order to get the discs back to the school before they break up for christmas! Still I mustn’t grumble as it’s nice to be wanted!


Also been really pleased that I have another video on YouTube with over 1000 hits.

How to Use a FOAM Fire Extinguisher


JG out


Some exciting new projects

This week at Zippyangels HQ started with me having to thaw out the bottle of de-icer that was left in the car, as it was so cold it had actually frozen in the bottle! How’s that for irony! After the de-icer debacle, work got under way on two exciting new projects, a promo for the ‘Glenn Turner Golf School’ (www.thenorthwestnational.co.uk) and a promotional film for ‘Little Einsteins Nursery’ (www.little-einsteins-nursery.com). Two very different, yet equally exciting projects!

The film for ‘Glenn Turner Golf School’ will aim to give viewers an idea of the excellent work done by Glenn and his team of coaches. The Junior Tour School is packed every Saturday & Sunday and you only have to watch the coaching for a few minutes to see how much the kids enjoy it!

The film for ‘Little Einsteins Nursery’ came about after an exhaustive search for a nursery that my wife & I felt was suitable for our 18 month old son, Cameron. When we found the newly opened nursery, we were so pleased that I wanted as many other parents to know about it as possible. So after discussing the idea with the owners, they commissioned Zippyangels to produce a promo to get the word of the nursery to as wide a market as possible.

Production is already underway on the ‘Glenn Turner Golf School’ and script writing is coming to the end on ‘Little Einsteins Nursery’, so it’s a busy week with preparations in full swing for 3 days of filming children’s christmas plays next week as well as filming at the nursery and my usual stint at St Helens College!

Also would like to mention some great figures from www.youtube.com/zippyangels

Last week  This became my first video to hit 1000 views!

Since then I have also hit 6000 total views and 1000 channel views!

Just like to say thanks to all of those who have taken the time to watch!


Zippyangels Showreel

As the internet video explosion continues to grow, the use of online video is increasingly becoming an essential part of today’s marketing mix. Video is the most effective way of communicating your message to your audience. Video engages people more than any other medium and research shows that we are much more likely to remember what we see in a video than we will by looking at text and pictures. Its a simple fact that the longer a user stays on your website, the more likely they are to invest in your product or business. It is also a fact that visitors stay, on average, 75% longer on websites with video.

With this in mind, any video you produce deserves full, professional attention in order to make the strongest possible connection with your target audience.

At Zippyangels we use our experience of over 10 years in a broadcast and corporate environment to give you first class service. Whether you are looking for a ‘Web Video’, ‘Corporate Video’ or ‘Promotional Video’, Zippyangels Productions is your complete solution. We work with the client right from initial discussions through scripting, production, post production and delivery and your satisfaction is our no1 priority.

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